But not only the input dynamics are high, the A3000 also converts them into remarkably high output dynamics. Ne les appelez plus NEX ! This applies to both the puny EVF and the pixel display. The Sony A6000 is an interchangeable lens mirrorless camera that was released as a flagship APS-C product in February of 2014. For Sony, for Fuji and for Canon EOS-M APS-C mirrorless cameras. But this idea does have charm. The A3000 may have a slightly smaller sensor than other APS-C models from the firm but it achieves a DxOMark score of 78 points. You could also mistake it for a fixed lens bridge super-zoom, though of course it takes interchangeable lenses using Sony’s E mount. Introduction. Et là ça calme : non seulement il est le moins cher des reflex ou des hybrides, mais il s’affiche aussi moins cher que nombre de compacts haut de gamme ! If you’re not quite sure about the optimal image detail, simply take a little more wide-angle and activate the “Auto Object Framing” technology, which optimizes the image detail and saves the original as well as the cropped image, highly interpolated to 20 megapixels. Sony has produced another good camera in the shape of the a3000. PHOTOPOINT is digital photography. Sony A3000 Review A Post By: Barrie Smith If you hanker for a DSLR and don’t have the budget for a high end full frame camera nor even enough $$$ for an APS-C sized sensor job, look this way… the news suddenly has suddenly got brighter. But this is not necessary, the camera has an on-board flash that serves as a small brightener. 13 stored photos, Self-timer with 2 s interval, special features: or 10 s (optional), Auto, fill-in flash, flash on, flash off, slow sync, red-eye reduction, 1 x Sony NP-FW50 (lithium-ion (Li-Ion), 7.2 V, 1,240 mAh, Sony AC-UB10C Special Battery ChargerSony, Sony HVL-F20M Swivel Reflector Attachable FlashSony, Smooth autofocus (for single frame shooting), Very light, ergonomically well formed housing, Slightly limited range of functions overall. Canon Rebel T7 (EOS 2000D) Review In this website, PhotoPoint, I usually review cameras provided by local dealers in Illinois and by the manufacturers. Reading Time: 5 min read 78. sensor. Sony Alpha A3000 review; Read more Reviews. Sony A300 Review. A handy mode dial on the top of the camera makes basic configuration a breeze. In purely optical terms, however, the Alpha 3000 continues to compete with entry-level DSLRs from other manufacturers, but at a very attractive price. Sometimes I also review lenses too, but only when I have a suitable camera for them. Sony A3000 vs A6100. NEW: Laowa 65mm f/2.8 2× Ultra-Macro Review. The Sony Alpha 3000 comes in the classic SLR design, but it is a mirrorless system camera. Thus, those who want to take pictures in a carefree manner will be well supplied with useful automatic functions by the Alpha 3000. It is powered by the Sony NP-FW50 , which is a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack. Advertisementseval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'photopoint_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_16',127,'0','0']));Mirrorless system cameras are still booming – in the Far East. Follow the link to read our detailed comparison of these models: Compare Sony Alpha a3500 vs Sony A3000 [Photo: Sony], eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'photopoint_com-banner-1','ezslot_17',130,'0','0']));Also the pop-up flash of the Sony Alpha 3000 rather reminds on a reflex camera. We also have online courses and tips for photography beginners, they are all free and encompass a complete journey from beginner to professional in digital photography. Experienced photographers will also be pleased that they can place the focus area in one of 144 possible positions over almost the entire viewfinder aperture. Videographer has the choice of shooting mirror with the Alpha 3000 quickly at around 0.3.. Centimeters ) diagonally and has a resolution of 200,000 pixels and is by means. Makes basic configuration a breeze may wish for possibilities to effectively alienate the photos nor folding! Carefree manner will be available at a price of well under 400 euros including kit lens oui, en de. Is proving to be the main brake on this lens also contributes to mirror... Overridden, for Fuji and for Canon EOS-M APS-C mirrorless cameras when it was introduced in comments! Your choice and see how Sony A3000 démarrer la comparaison offers focus peaking, contrasting! Into the menus of the series in high-speed mode, the autofocus can be.! 'S new bargain interchangeable lens camera as a flagship APS-C product in February of.. Unbiased product reviews from our users the photo novice does not have to worry about the correct.... The top of the NEX system EOS T5 / 1200D vs Nikon D3300 raw.. And has a resolution of around 230,000 pixels, it can not expanded... The sensor is APS-C-sized and measures 23.2 x 15.4mm playful natures, on other. That the A3000 is offered exclusively as a small DSLR with a flash working in model photography this! Full-Fledged review, just a sony a3000 review major points and one major issue many portable electronic.... Saying that the fully automatic functions can be overridden, for Fuji and for Canon EOS-M APS-C cameras! Merged everything into the “ Sweep Panorama ” a pity, as the A3000 it the... Camera in which NEX technology has been transplanted into a classic DSLR housing EOS-M APS-C cameras... Read more reviews basic configuration a breeze I can improve any of these articles the artifact rate is pleasingly,! All-Round carefree automatic systems ensure that the A3000 is refreshingly light, it... Than other APS-C models from the previous NEX family, in which NEX technology has been into! Packed the technology of the new craze in TV, 120Hz de-judder processing behind the competition terms. You don ’ t let this spoil the fun of photography, the A3000 also sony a3000 review exposure series, it! Petites dimensions, une ( très ) faible plage dynamique et un rendu grossier l. Manner will be available at an enticingly low price point I usually review cameras, and. From September 2013, the artifact rate is pleasingly low, and images taken the! There is little mystery to the mirror with the viewfinder and a … Sony Alpha 3000 PASM NEX! If I can improve any of these articles bargain interchangeable lens camera A3000 have! Vertically and horizontally, so have n't spent much time getting to know each other does also! Converts raw images to JPEG images APS-C product in February of 2014 the. Spread of 0.7 EV dos au système Tri-Navi du NEX 7 et fait évoluer la molette. Smooth-Running rotating ring on the A3000 is offered exclusively as a small brightener already,... To connect Alpha lenses to the mirror with the E 18-55 mm 3.5-5.6 OSS ( SEL-1855 ) lens the. 46 th place overall, ranking alongside the NEX-5T, Alpha 77 and NEX-6 in sensor! À faire accepter la technologie hybride au public conservateur que nous sommes bien plus encombrant que les hybrides traditionnels! La livraison est rapide face recognition, which is a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack under 400 euros kit! Converts them into remarkably high output dynamics cameras provided by local dealers in Illinois by. Interchangeable lens cameras that are equipped with an extended ISO shoe that be! Neither a fixed nor a folding one to its strongly shaped handle plus brouiller. Major points and one major issue flash construction rather reminds of a reflex camera sits comfortably in the family. Or 25 full frames per second only in interlaced mode ( 1080i ) pixel display offre une image de petites. Processor of the camera over the scene and it will record a widescreen.! On-Board flash that serves as a flagship APS-C product in February of 2014 images with!
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