Suppose you want to sort the PivotTable based on total order amount – highest to lowest in every Region. Then select the Totals and Filters tab, … But when I import/connect data, using New Query From File option under Data ribbon, to a new workbook and create a pivot table in the new workbook, it’s not working. I assumed that my client would prefer that, but he'd actually like them to be in the same order as on the sheet they refer to. I know, this can make you confuse. Sorting based on Ascending or Descending will not return this order. Well you can save time by sorting the Pivot Table Field List in alphabetical order! When I create a pivot table and set "Division" as a field in Row labels, it doesn't sort alphabetically. After you click ok, the ages with the lowest earnings will be … I am going to use a list we use to provide reports for our reference collection measurements. Is there a way to sort "Other" at the bottom? I need to sort my Pivot Tables on a regular basis by the products in order of importance to the business. Pro Tip. I did add more data to my data table after I created my pivot tables. Sorting lets you organize the data so it’s easier to find the items you want to analyze. This moves the largest or smallest amounts to the left of the pivot table… You can find it under Home >> Editing >> Sort & Filter. Posted by 4 years ago. Back in our pivot table, we need to make sure that custom lists are enabled. Data Model pivot tables can be sorted with it too. If you need to sort your Pivot Table by a sequence other than say Numeric or in Date order then this will be very useful. Row Labels are used to apply a filter to rows that have to be shown in the pivot table. share | improve this question | follow | asked Jan 4 '16 at 23:01. mlh351 mlh351. The reason why I don’t suggest that option is just in case you need to update a single cell on your master spreadsheet where the pivot table came from. See how this is done below… So by product, I could not sort by Total Quantity descending, then Revenue descending. Now, go back to your pivot table, right click any cell in your pivot table, and choose PivotTable Options from the context menu, see screenshot: 4. To sort a pivot table, click on the filter button for the row or column field that you want to use in the categorizing. We are going to use the Custom Sort. Step 1: Follow the above step 1 and step 2 to insert the pivot table. Then, click Sort Smallest to Largest or Sort Largest to Smallest Sort a Pivot Table Row. If we want to sort the table ascending by Row labels (Salesman), we need to click on the AutoSort icon next to the Row Labels, choose Sort A to Z and click OK: Figure 8. Now, when we used advanced sorting, we can use out custom list to sort. Click any Age cell inside a pivot table and then choose Custom Sort. How to sort data. I don't think I can use custom lists/sorting as the data is dynamic and multiple brand names can be added when refreshed etc. Another way to sort data in the Pivot table is to use the AutoSort option in the Pivot table. To access the sort options for a field, follow these steps: Open the Customer field dropdown in cell A3. You may have found the cause. When in pivot table sorting, even if you only have one Row column (say Product), you cannot sort by multiple columns in values. Click Sort Z to A. Active 3 years, 5 months ago. The leftmost column draws from that Column B. Use filters for row and column fields. You can also sort a pivot table row by its values, left to right. The Salesperson field will be sorted in descending order. This allows weekday and month names to sort into Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, … instead of the alphabetical order Friday, Monday, Saturday, …, Wednesday.