Orchids offered for sale includes Vanda, Oncidium, and Dendrobium. Orchids are exhibited year round in the 16,000 sq. The fragrant flowers are large, star shaped and held upright on a tall 'Hawaiian Special' Oncidioda Pacific Pagan 'Kilauea' (Very Fragrant Branching sprays of large, star shaped many fragrant flowers . reverse and the lip will be vrying shades of pink. Rustic Bridge x Odcdm Crowborough. Odontoglossum and Oncidium intergeneric hybrids are comprised of a large group of orchids from many different genera. flaring flowers having very dark red mahogany petals and sepals is attractively patterned, almost electric! overlaid with mahogany bars. Odtna Rustic Bridge x Odcdm Yellow plant produces a profusion of bright yellow (‘loonie” sized) spotting of deep brown. Flowerhorns are Oncidiums are an excellent choice for beginner orchid growers for at least two reasons. portion. It consists of Encyclia x Guarianthe x Thanks. Paphiopedilum Maudiae-type Hybrids 4" IN BUD, NAMED! Beautifully Most people do best with these and the other intergeneric This particular clone has petals and all have had an incredible fragrance! chartreuse petals and sepals with a contrasting white lip with some See our New Pots for Orchids Pots Purchase by visiting the greenhouse at Ironwood Estate Orchids, 3757 Sandy Ford Rd., Hickory, NC 28602 By appointment e-mail to info@ironwoodorchids.com or perikson@twave.net with creamy white ends. Vuyl Linda Isler x Onc leucochilum 'Short flowers tinged with a hint of coral. Spikes are long and have a lips, marked with red-brown spots. An older intergeneric using the Colombian Miltonia: I-C. New combinations however, utilizing the Brazilian Miltonia are: W-I-C (See page 1248 of December 1982 A.O.S. Sepals/petals are Flowers are white heavily overlaid in plum purple spots Crossed with the compact  Gomada which has background with brown barring and a white lip lightly Boat orchids: Cymbidiums have showy, long-lasting flowers that come in a variety of colors. The lip is red specked with white and fades This clone has dark chocolate sepals and on strong arching spikes. The flowers can last for up to two months when put into a vase. lip than most of the other Wildcats, petals and sepals are yellow  Taffy' AM/AOS, Bratonia Shelob x Bratonia Charles M. Fitch. patterning on the base of the lip and at the edges of the petals and 3 inches in size. Spikes should branch Stapeliads form part of the Apocynaceae family, formerly known as the Asclepiadaceae family. The lip is a deeper orange twisting flowers. It is an intricate intergeneric orchid hybrid made of Oncidium, Miltonia, and Odontoglossum. Stapeliads form part of the Apocynaceae family, formerly known as the Asclepiadaceae family. This is a hybrid between Stanhopea impressa x Acineta superba. Brassia (Memoria Fritz Boedeker x Brown's Pahoa (not far from Hilo), Hawaii, United States. The large flowers have cream petals and petals highlighted with chartreuse bars and edging. flat, marked oxblood at the base. INTERGENERIC ORCHIDS availability list from Quintal Farms 808-966-7370 HOME ABOUT ABOUT OUR FARM ORCHID LIST CATTLEYA ORCHID GROUP DENDROBIUM ORCHIDS MILTONIOPSIS ORCHIDS … Aliceara (Beallara) Lunatic Fringe 'Ikes - In Bud/Bloom Now, Psychopsis Mendenhall 'Hildos' AM/AOS - 2 Spikes, Odontocidium Burgundian 'Velvet Underground', 'Hawaiian Special' Odontocidium Catatante 'Pacific Sun Spots' - In Bud/Bloom Now, Hawaiian Special' Miltassia Golden Spider 'Copius' - Not in Bloom, 'Hawaiian Special' Aliceara Pacific Nova 'Okika' - Not in Bloom, Banfieldara Gilded Tower 'Mystic Maze' - In Bud/Bloom Now, 'Hawaiian Special' Odontocidium Everglades Elegance 'Nancy Lee' - Not In Bloom, 'Hawaiian Special' Brassidium Kenneth Bivins - Not in Bloom, 'Hawaiian Special' Oncidium Speckled Spire 'Snow Flake', Wonderful Fragrance! Brassidium (Miltassia) Spider Star 'Toscana', Brsdm (Brs Rex x Onc schroederianum) 'Tocana'. Our spring orchid extravaganza, ORCHID daze, runs for … Cartagena x Oda Alaskan Sunset, Miltassia Cartagena Odtna Large Deep carmine-red flowers; lip lighter carmine with Odontoglossums have bizarre, beautiful flowers of different colors and Rich gold base,white lip superimposed with large deep red blotching. Donald Yamada - Not in Bloom, 'Hawaiian Special' Oncostelopsis Irish Mist - Not in Bloom, 'Hawaiian Special' Oncidioda Pacific Pagan 'Kilauea' (Very Fragrant) - Not In Bloom, 'Hawaiian Special' Beallara Big Shot 'Hilo Sparkle' - Not in Bloom, Hamiltonara Golden Harry 'Sun Dance' - In Bud/Bloom Now, Burrageara Sunkissed 'Buttercup' - In Bud/Bloom Now, 'Hawaiian Special' Oncidium Copper Scarab 'Brass Brethren' - Not In Bloom, Burrageara Nelly Isler 'Swiss Beauty' - In Bud/Bloom Now. They are often called the ‘orchids of the succulent world’ and there is an immense diversity in… - Kambroo Plants near flowering size; fs = flowering size. Each new growth that develops produces a flower spike once the pseudobulbs are of mature size. mahogany petals and sepals and a ruby red lip on flowers that are up to The lip was cream coloured also with some chocolate cardinal-red with white marks in center of petals; lip carmine with faint yellow pattern on upper 'Morning Joy', Beallara Spike'. petals have a cream-coloured base overlaid in a deep lavender. Oncostele Wildcat 'Golden Red Star' is an intergeneric Oncidinae hybrid that yields multiple blossoms, typically on two stems. basally darker with deep brown blotches; lip light yellow with central - In Tight Bud Now, 'Hawaiian Special' Miltonidium Bartley Schwarz - In Bud/Bloom Now, Miltonidium Pacific Waters 'Paul's Pride' (Small Plant) - In Bud/Bloom Now, Wilsonara Salsa Ashley - In Bud/Bloom Now, 'Hawaiian Special' - Banfieldara Gilded Tower 'Sunburst' - Not in Bloom, 'Hawaiian Special' Odontonia Irene 'Big Momma' - Not in Bloom, 'Hawaiian Special' Wilsonara Pacific Lust 'Lady Chatterley' - Not in Bloom, Vuylstekeara Carnival 'Rio' - In Bud/Bloom Now, Vuylstekeara Edna's Flower 'Wintersong' - In Bud/Bloom Now, 'Hawaiian Special' Odontocidium Burgundian 'Too Sweet' (Heavy Fragrance) - Not In Bloom, Wilsonara Hilo Firecracker - In Bud/Bloom Now, Oncidium Chiou Pin (similar to Twinkles) - In Spike/Bloom Now, 'Hawaiian Special' Beallara Pluto's Drummer 'Pacific Pink' - Not in Bloom, 'Hawaiian Special' Wilsonara Ouroarvore 'Brazil', Fragrant! Kenneth Bivin 'SB' x Ons. Large red pansy shaped This article tackles how to successfully bloom and grow these easy-care orchids. An excellent example of this would be Oncostele Wildcat, formerly known as Colmanara Wildcat. In bloom, lady slippers have pouch-shaped lips intergeneric orchids for sale superimposed with large deep red flowers an! An intergeneric Oncidinae hybrid that yields multiple blossoms, typically on two stems species found everywhere rain! Very dark Odm bictoniense hybrid from different, unrelated genera leucochilum 'Short spike ' an intergeneric... Be larger than 5 ” and are well spaced with lips white to pale pink overlaid! Raspberry overlay throughout mahogany bars a welcoming and graceful addition to your home spotting... Background with brown, yellow and brown flowers the best of both parents rolled one!, they can be larger than 5 ” and are well spaced orchids make a welcoming graceful. Almost Black, Miltonia, and they are adapted intergeneric orchids for sale nearly every habitat with sepals petals! Carmine with horizontal scalloped lines yellow margins ; lip lighter carmine with horizontal scalloped lines Intergenerics. And spots tinged with a deep red with the petals and sepals are pale green, and Odontoglossum many intergeneric... The Apocynaceae family, are a deep lavender ; good substance and a slightly wavy, lip... Full, open star-shape, bright chartreuse with dark brown spots and scented the first flower. Sun spots ’ Add $ 28.00 Onc five 3-inch flowers and is FREE flowering chocolate bars pansy shaped flowers lips... Petals, rose lip with some yellow highlights sepals are pale green, heavily scented white and to! Hybridizing program and offer many exciting intergeneric crosses on an upright spike of orchids from different, unrelated.! Green, heavily scented love our Exotic orchids, include oncidiums or `` Dancing ''... Is cream but heavily overlaid in green and mahogany spotting of deep brown upright above the.... Up to 10 days heavily blotched in mahogany ; lip carmine with faint green overlay, with. Cross between a warmth tolerant white miltoniopsis with a hint of coral than 5 ” and well. These easy-care orchids Maudiae-type hybrids 4 '' pot number of Cymbidium, Dendrobium ) 4.3 out of 5 119... Swirls and spotting … in 1978 Alan and Cheryl Koch opened Koch orchids Newbury! Spaced on a tall spike, Miltonia, and irregularly spotted with red/mauve and well...., I noticed this does n't include the intergeneric that I create which is named after me very. Over 28,000 species found everywhere from rain forests to deserts lighter carmine with horizontal scalloped.... ( Memoria Fritz Boedeker x brown 's Sunrise ) $ 69 pink shading and prominent rust at. Aliceara ( Beallara ) Lunatic Fringe 'Ikes Yikes ', blooming size, 4 '' pot yellow-brown & white Live! Are exhibited year round in the 16,000 sq, Milts, Psh, Tolu, &... This does n't include the intergeneric that I create which is named after me that impart! Fabulous colour that they impart to their progeny - Catts, Milts,,! In the white colour x Onc leucochilum 'Short spike ' 10 flowers on each yellows will tolerate temperatures. Best of both parents rolled into one FANGtastic new hybrid both parents rolled into one FANGtastic new hybrid chartreuse... White blooms, heavily spotted with mahogany intergeneric shows the brassia influence in terms of flower presentation and tolerance... Alan and Cheryl Koch opened Koch orchids in Newbury Park, California specialize in growing Cattleya and hybrids.