During the spring and summer days Vlašić is the an ideal destination for a pleasant mountain walk, usually with the help of special sticks that can be useful while moving across steep and rough terrain.

It is quite easy to choose the right tour to suit your needs and abilities, all in pure mountain air. A large number of visitors in September shows that the summer tourist season resumes even in that period. Walking is still an activity that guests usually enjoy, but interest in offers at restaurants at Vlašić is not reduced. This mountain beauty is rich in forests, pastureland and numerous springs. Walking through magnificent mountain scenery you may encounter some endemic plant and animal species. A mountain walk through the most beautiful parts of Vlašić, such as the beautiful Ugar river and its source, Kraljica (one of the most beautiful parts of Vlašić), and the peak of Vlašić mountain – Opaljenik and a visit to old ‘katuns’(summer-pasture cottages) where is widely appreciated Vlašić’s cheese produced , will not leave you indifferent.

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