Mountain Vlašić is located in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina and from the 70s of the last century is regularly one of the top five ski centers in the former Yugoslavia.

Ski center Babanovac is situated at 1260 meters above sea level. Existing ski lifts Babanovac 1 and 2, Markovac, Ugar and Baby lift are renewed.

Central ski lift and trail Babanovac 1 and 2 gives you the pleasure of night skiing. At the foot of ski lift Ugar is a mountain river called the Ugar which is popular for fishing and summer tourism.

Vlasic is a mountain, which normally does not leave anyone indifferent regardless of weather and time of year.The charm of this mountain lies in its fairytale beauty and natural simplicity. On this mountain anyone can find place regardless of age and working-professional orientation: mountaineers, athletes, or hikers and lovers of nature and fresh air. The natural beauties and attractive location, rich cultural and historical heritage and favorable climate conditions, make this mountain attractive during the whole year.

Vlašić is only 28 kilometers away from Travnik , and is connected with always clean road, even in the most difficult winter conditions. Vlašić mountain is named after the ancient nomadic Vlachs and its highest peak is Opaljenik 1943m. The mountain is rich in flora and fauna with many sunny days, and also the snow blanket stays longer than 5 months.

Ski center has 10.5 of ski trails, which are divided into two easier and two medium hard. The trails have a favorable position because they are protected from the southern winds. Besides skiing on Babanovac there is also possibility to do snowboarding, night skiing, sledding, cross-country skiing –ski slopes with total length of 15km, snow scooter rides so-called snow-safari. There is also a 90-meter ski jump, hosted " The Pokal Vlašić European Cup" competition at the international level, which is currently not in use but it has been worked on it to function again soon.

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