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For those who, for the first time encounter with alpine skiing, as well for those who want to improve in this sport at Vlašić you can find excellent ski instructors.


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Ski school Ski Team Vlašić was formed before 2002/2003 ski season, by a group of sports enthusiasts and lovers of Vlašić mountain. Most of the Vlašić Ski Team are teachers of Sport and Physical Education, and former athletes in alpine skiing disciplines. Our great experience of training beginner and advanced skiers, we successfully convey to clients and skiers who want to enter the world of ski instructors for years. A member of our team, Dinko Voloder – Zelić, is a coordinator of ATUS (The Association of Coaches and Ski Instructors Bosnia and Herzegovina) for Vlašić mountain. If you are interested in working as a ski instructor, you can contact us and we will give you all the necessary information about licensing process. All our teachers have a university degree, and always do their best to improve their knowledge and methodology of training, and skiing in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a whole. We are proud that our ski school has good relationships with ATUS, and other licensed ski schools in BiH and abroad, as well as numerous ski equipment dealers in our country and the region.


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Ski school on Vlašić ( Goran and Anto)

Physical education teachers from the "Catholic school center" – Travnik,
Goran Jezeraškić ( 063/853-623) and
Anto Sučić ( 063/333-188).

The program of ski school:
1. Introduction and carrying ski equipment
2. Motion on skis
3. Balance exercises in place and motion
4. Downhill straight and oblique
5. Plowing
6. Basic curve
7. Plow curve
8. Wedge-shaped winding
9. Dynamic winding
10. Drive on rough spots
11. Drive in deep snow

The approximate price of ski schools and instructors:

Price list per person for 1 hour of training:
- Individual work (1-2 persons) 20,00KM per person
- Working in a group (5 or more persons) 10,00KM per person.

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