Ski running

Popular discipline of Nordic skiing is ski running. This technique of skiing is mainly used on flatter surfaces. Ski running is the oldest form of skiing in general. On Vlašić is planned organization of ski slope for Nordic disciplines 3km long.

There are three known styles of ski running: classic style, freestyle and telemark. Ski running is not a difficult sport discipline, but it takes a little effort to learn the basic technique and enjoyment will be greater. Ski running is one of the best sports with operations that are distributed to the entire body musculature. To put it simply, it is hard to imagine a better physical activity, especially in the winter when conditions for sports drastically decrease.

Narrower and longer skis are needed for ski running  in comparison to shorter and wider skis needed for alpine skiing. Ski poles are also longer because they need to provide efficient pushing. The equipment for ski running is a lot cheaper than the equipment for alpine skiing. Ski rental "Ski sport Vlašić" possesses sets of equipment for all ages.

Skis for running are done in two versions:

  • skis that must be lubricated; they are intended for advanced athletes and runners
  • skis that don’t have to be lubricated. The lower surface is specially treated in the middle section to prevent skis from skidding backwards. These skis are ground like fish scale or stripes of seal’s skin are glued on skis, and the front and the last third are smooth. These skis are mostly used for recreational ski running, which has been more and more present at Vlasic in recent years. 
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