If, in addition to peaceful walks, picnics and other activities which Vlašić offers, you want to experience an adventure, then we definitely recommend one of the most attractive sports - paragliding.

This is one of the youngest aircraft sports and one of the easiest and simplest ways to achieve the dream of flying. After a few steps of running-up along the hillside with good thermals you can take off immediately. The height you can reach and the length of the flight depends on weather conditions, but it is possible to stay up in the air for several hours. When the conditions are optimal it is possible to take off from a hill that is several tens of meters high, and to eventually reach the height of more than 3 thousand meters. Training is done gradually from lower altitudes. In a such way the student is slowly getting used to the altitude and learns the basic technique of flying. The altitude is gradually increased as the student progresses. In practice, it is possible to perform the first high-altitude flights during the first day of training, but a gradual training is infinitely preferable. However, there is also a possibility to perform the first flights in a tandem paraglider which has the ability to carry two people. That is the safest way to experience the first flight with an instructor.

Vlašić Mountain is considered as one of the best and also the most attractive location in the region. An airfield is in the locality of Galica. Paraglider pilots from Bosnia and Herzegovina enjoy the beauty of the landscape at the southern slopes of the mountain. There are some foreign citizens also. In addition to excellent conditions for flying Vlašić also provides a qualitative supporting infrastructure for this type of sports activities. There is an asphalt road to the airfield and a high quality and diverse offer of accommodation at Babanovac.

An adventure you can experience on the clear and rapid river Ugar. For fishing lovers it is a real treasure and a place of healthy trout and other fish species such as grayling and huchen (freshwater fish).

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