Kudos to Jim Luevano at TIS Dept!Thank you for the awesome job of setting up our computers and printers. I am very happy to have her this year as my son's teacher.Angelica AlanisView more Service Excellence Kudos. I am not homeschooling my kids. They rise early and take care of the most precious people in our lives. Good job!Joshua Curl. Kudos to Librarians at Del Valle Learning Community!Congratulations to our Del Valle area Librarians who put on an AMAZING Family Literacy Night. You rock! One of Saribel's classmates informed her the office staff needed help communicating in sign language and she did not hesitate to offer her assistance. Great Job Rangers! His consistency in making himself visible every morning and after school making sure students are safe! Keep "GRACE" at your side. Thank you!Frank GonzalezView more Service Excellence Kudos. Kudos to a PHES nominal Librarian! Commercial Street you can would happen to My Yisd Net Sign In Before you buy a Fionna and Cake and tells them that he. I already know that I am going to have a great year! Throughout the years you have been diligent in your tasks and have gone above and beyond with extra duties. They were awarded the Excellence Award and Teamwork Champion Award for 2017-2018. Wishing you continued success for 2018-19.Connie VasquezView more Service Excellence Kudos. Flaggert transformed a potential discipline issue into a creative learning opportunity for her students. I couldn't do my job without your help. Thank you especially for leading the percussion. Her attention to every detail of every student regarding EOC's, RTI, LPAC, etc., shows her dedication and passion to assist students to reach their goal to graduate. Kudos to Micha Villarreal, Mesha Daniel, Larry Snyder, and Alex Reyes from Innovative Learning Dept. I would like to wish my department family, Happy Internal Audit Week! Kudos to Corina Casas and Pat Rios from Transportation!On behalf of my band students and myself, I would like to thank Corina Casas & Pat Rios from the fabulous YISD Transportation Department. Kudos to Hanks Area Elementary Assistant Principals: Glen Cove, Tierra Del Sol, Pebble Hills, R.E.L., and Vista Hills!Great job Ms. Quinonez, Mr. Flores, Mrs. Blair, Mrs. Saucedo, Ms. Kyle, and Ms. Holguin for your hard work in coordinating a well-organized summer school experience for our students. We were able to get testing going and our students did not have to come back on a different day. Kudos to Lourdes Hinojosa, Principal at Loma Terrace ES!We would like to recognize Mrs. Hinojosa for her hard work and amazing dedication to the SSALT units. Kudos to Eastwood Knolls International administrators, teachers, and PTA/volunteers!Thank you so much for the awesome Dragon Fiesta! Our students really enjoyed the projects you shared with them and walked away with a lot of new knowledge!Pebble Hills 4th Grade TeamView more Kudos. The kids and the teachers really loved the great deals on Scholastic books. The inspiring words of affirmation and encouragement by Dr. Kennedy was special. We love Dolphin Terrace and its staff so much and we are forever thankful for what they are doing and have done for our son. It is an honor to represent my campus and the support personnel of YISD! Congratulations on another district championship.Ralph CedilloView more Kudos. Kudos to the mechanics in Transportation!Thank you for doing a great job in keeping the tired fleet operational. You deserve the best. We're extremely proud of you and all your amazing accomplishments!Hanks Faculty and StaffView more Kudos. YISD Online Library Catalog Find books at your campus library. Principal Gloria SpencerView more Service Excellence Kudos. You're my Hero!Nellie PortilloView more Service Excellence Kudos. Best wishes on a well deserved recognition, Bonny! McMillan, we would like to take this time to Thank You very much for being a very kind, patient and caring teacher who teaches from the heart. It only confirms that we work with great human beings. Thank you very much!Frank GonzalezView more Service Excellence Kudos. We are beyond grateful. Thank you Coach Shaffer. Everything ran smoothly these first couple of days thanks to your effective planning and execution!Margie MendozaView more Kudos. I am a proud Knight alumnus and even prouder Knight parent! I am very grateful.Juan BarraganView more Service Excellence Kudos. You're awesome! Your hard work has not gone unnoticed. It is a domain having net extension. Thank you for helping our sons to learn the game of football and life.Mr. She has been teaching for over 30 years and I have never met another human being as hard working as she is. They come in with a smile on there face and greet everyone. Kudos to Mrs. Jaime Martinez from Edgemere Elementary School!Mrs. All of you in some way have been a teacher, friend, guide and have had patience with me and I want to say thank you to each one of you! The individualized Christmas gifts from you and your crew made the children extremely happy. Your dedication and professionalism to great cooking does not go unnoticed. Kudos to Mesha Daniel from Innovative Technology Dept. My girls love him and he puts them at ease -- thank you!Autumn BarnesView more Service Excellence Kudos. They are always on time and ready to provide high quality service and support to our son. One of the many reasons why this is THE DISTRICT.AnonymousView more Service Excellence Kudos. They left my room in perfect order, and I greatly appreciated their nice note.Justyne TubbsView more Service Excellence Kudos. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all YISD Nurses for their incredible dedication and commitment to their students and profession. It is very apparent the time and planning that went into the start up of this year. Your dedication, tenacity and persistence is greatly appreciated. ContrerasView more Service Excellence Kudos. On behalf of my kids, faculty and community, a sincere Thank you! Kudos to Mr. Enrique Herrera at Hanks High School!Thank you Mr. Herrera for your excellent communication with parents and a great freshman orientation! JaimeView more Service Excellence Kudos. Every day our volunteers rock it over 16,000 hours for the 2017-2018 school year! Thank you! Thank you, and you all rock at Edgemere Elementary!Proud Edgemere ParentView more Service Excellence Kudos. They are always ready to assist no matter if it's a Friday at 4 pm. You will be missed.Patricia CoxView more Kudos. Mejia was my son's kinder teacher and she was my cousin's past teacher. I am grateful for Ms Strickland for her warmness in giving me information and especially to Ms Alcala for her patience and warmness in the delivery of school shirts for my grandson. You are a prime example of wonderful customer service. It is very much appreciated.Veronica CurlView more Kudos. Our Bobcats thank you, our pride of teachers and staff. Gutierrez is enthusiastic and makes students and staff feel appreciated.Erika LaraView more Service Excellence Kudos. This is a true teacher, displaying social emotional learning. Kudos to Mr. Gomez from Indian Ridge MS!I want to thank Mr. Gomez for taking the time to help me out with registration documents that I was asked to get for my child's Hanks registration. Kudos to the two ladies in the front office at Mission Valley for their outstanding support! He resolved an issue I had been dealing with since May, almost four months and counting. Good Luck at World Competition in Louisville, Kentucky, have fun and try your best! English breakfast is world the most magnificent single a perfect appliance for. Go Warriors!Diana OrquizView more Service Excellence Kudos. She is a new teacher at my school and I want her to know that she is awesome!Olivia TateView more Service Excellence Kudos. Thank you coaches for coordinating such an enjoyable activity for the children. Kudos to Parkland High School Wind Ensemble!Kudos to the Parkland High School Wind Ensemble for collaboraing via Zoom to give the community a special concert of "Amazing Grace!" Also thank you for always offering to help this old lady with anything I need. You guys did awesome at the VEX IQ competition. I really appreciate it! Congratulations to each of you. Such amazing accomplishments by all of you! Thank you so much! You make us and TheDistrict proud!Josie GoeldnerView more Kudos. Kudos to Attendance clerk at Indian Ridge Middle School! Hugs!Joanne DelgadilloView more Kudos. Dolphin Terrace is lucky to have you all there.Yolie MaciasView more Service Excellence Kudos. #KindnessMatters #RAK2019Alexander CoronaView more Service Excellence Kudos. We are very proud of you! It is safe to know they won't just give information to anyone. This is what teamwork is all about! Our jobs are all different to some degree but our mission is the same. I would like to say thank you to Ms. Mary in the technology dept. I appreciate you. You got us all soaring high right from the beginning. I really believe this is a example of service excellence. Thank you for your kindness and respect! He came out of his way to drop it off and set it up in my office. Demonstration Day! Thank you for all you do! Kudos to Amber Bishop at Mission Valley Elementary School!Ms. I look forward to a great year and the many success stories that are ahead of us. In addition, she shows innovation when preparing projects and performances for the students of Edgemere. Thank you! Kudos to YISD Security Officers!I would like to commend all YISD Security Officers who have been vigilant and dedicated to the districts mission. She gives more than what’s required, and my daughter and I will never forget it. My daughter, who is the pickiest eater in the world, tells me everyday how yummy her lunch at school was. We are extremely grateful to have had Ms. Zavala this year as my son showed such growth in the classroom as well as personal growth. They know why! Keep up the great work!Daniela CarbajalView more Service Excellence Kudos. I enjoy working in the Eagle Store, one of the projects she offers to ALL the students. She is an amazing person and kind at heart. Kudos to M.Agness, S.Padilla, E.Vera, I.Ortega, P.Ocana & L.Velasco from YWLA! Keep up the great work!Lorena CerecerezView more Kudos. Kudos to Mary Grace Mascorro at TIS!Thank you Mary Grace for coming to the rescue! The nurses of the district are committed to the health and safety of every child enrolled in our district. She doesn't cut corners and is detail oriented. Kudos to Luis Cardona from Desert View Middle School! Thank you for your hard work and dedication. I often call for an available custodian and always receive an answer from Sylvia. Maribel exemplifies the best of YISD Service Excellence! I would like to thank Pasodale's Counselor Mrs. Garcia for putting together another amazing Career Day. He is also a star student athlete. Enrique continuously displays patience, professionalism and courtesy when providing assistance to me. Thank you Ms. Santos for all you do!Cristina CedilloView more Service Excellence Kudos. Kudos to Mrs. Cano's 6th grade ESL 1 class at Indian Ridge MS!I want to congratulate Mrs. Cano and her 6th grade ESL I class for winning the Read to Succeed Challenge through the Achieve 3000 program! Then, Linda surprised her with a colorful pinata filled with her favorite candies. We appreciate all your efforts to make Bus Safety Week great!Elsa SalmeronView more Service Excellence Kudos. That passion that you have for music and that beautiful heart that is full of kindness and compassion, is what brings great joy to our children and us as parents! I cannot thank you enough for all of your help.Liz ArellanoView more Kudos. Mary Grace was quick, efficient, very kind and understanding through the process. Kudos to Idalia Moran at REL Washington Elementary School!I would like to thank Idalia Moran as she is a great crossing guard. We would like to recognize the hard work of our custodian Alejandra Hermosillo and the extra help from transportation employees Felix Loya, Mario Cacho, Karla Rosales, Consuelo Reyes, Lidia Carrizales, and Herlinda Bustillo. Thank you Mrs. Diaz for caring for our kids!Yadira OlivasView more Service Excellence Kudos. A huge shout out to YISD Central office for the celebrating Dia de los Muertos with such beautiful, informative altars. Thank you for everything that you do Mr. Longstreth. Kudos to Lorena Soto, counselor at Dolphin Terrace Elementary School!Great Kick-Off for Red Ribbon Week and what a showing with the Parkland High School participants!! Kudos to Al Licon from Parkland High School!Congratulations to Coach Al Licon from Parkland High School on being selected El Paso Times Track and Field Coach of The Year!AnonymousView more Service Excellence Kudos. Thank you ladies.Maria R. JaquezView more Service Excellence Kudos. :)Mr. JohnsonView more Service Excellence Kudos. Good Luck at State! Job well done on creating the Eastwood High School video for the faculty and staff Christmas party. Our son was one of the winners. Kudos to Yanira Borjon at Edgemere Elementary School! Kudos Ms. Sonia and thank you for always being available.Lorena GomezView more Service Excellence Kudos. Kudos to Cheryl Mata and Becky Freishenhan from Accounting!I would like to thank Becky and Cheryl for going above and beyond. A BIG "Thank you" to Ralph and Jesus for going above and beyond. From VI Team. The material was excellent and will help our students be successful in the coming unit. Kudos to Arisa Carr at Pebble Hills Elementary School!Kudos to a PHES nominal Librarian! What a wonderful district to work for that has no problem stepping up to help those in need. Mrs Lujan is the best of the best. Kudos to Eric Romero from Del Valle High School!The most respectful and full of integrity kind of person to care for the students' well being and future! Thank you for helping VVMS with our online registration set up. This group of Librarians committed many hours to help out at Indian Ridge Middle School. Please, know that you are amazing women and I am forever grateful to work alongside you and am proud to call ya'll co-workers!View more Service Excellence Kudos. I just want to let her and YISD know what a fantastic person and employee she is. Great job! As parents, it is obvious to us that the morale of faculty and staff has been uplifted as well as the students. She is always looking to see if the kids need help in one way or another. Kudos to Lloyd Fulkerson at Bel Air HS!Thank you for always 'opening the door' with a smile. It starts with the ladies in the front office and the teachers & staff keep it moving throughout the day. Not once did my daughter say she didn’t know what was going on in class when I would ask. Kudos to Coach Anthony Carter from Hanks HS!Congratulations Coach Carter on being inducted into the El Paso Athletic Hall of Fame! A shout out to your AP's also. Thank you for allowing Ft. Eastwood to host our speech and debate tournament at your campus! You are awesome!Maria FarinaView more Service Excellence Kudos. She teaches because that's what God placed her to do, and she teaches with all her heart!L. They are always ready and happy to serve us food regardless of the weather and always with a BIG SMILE. She always has a smile on her face and is happy to assist in any way she can. Outstanding job in preparing our students in their subject area and supporting them in believing they could achieve! Most kind hearted and supportive staff member and most importantly great role model!Adriana VillegasView more Service Excellence Kudos. Kudos to Middle School Academic Team at Riverside MS, Indian Ridge MS, and YWLA!A huge THANK YOU to the District's Middle School Academic Team for bringing in Dr. Kendall to train the instructional coaches. Thank you Ms. Martinez!Patricia AyalaView more Kudos. I admire her way of using a personal touch with all her staff, support staff, volunteers and teachers. Mrs. Flaggert transformed a potential discipline issue into a creative learning opportunity for her students. Mr Cardenas reported at 11 pm and continued through the early morning  hours to find a solution. Everyday they make it possible for our children with special needs to receive the services they need. This is truly a huge accomplishment. Your dedication and commitment to serving all of our students does not go unnoticed! Thanks so much!Joanne DelgadilloView more Kudos. With my mom still having to go to work, we were challenged while I was at daycare having to continue my education without any supervision other than the guidance of Ms. Barrera. She is always willing to help, to talk or to listen. Kudos to Lucy Diaz at Ysleta Elementary!Mrs. Your hard work, patience and dedication to your profession shows. Kudos to Oscar y Isabel from Del Valle HS!Oscar e Isabel, gracias por siempre venir a la biblioteca cuando les llamo que se algo en la biblioteca! When we think of Service Excellence, we think of Aaron. His consistency in making himself visible every morning and after school making sure students are safe! Many people don't understand what they are going through and eventually they come to you seeking advice. Kudos to Ms. Teresa Perez at REL Washington Elementary School!I want to tell my teacher that she is doing a great job and I feel like I will learn so much from her. Alex ArmendarizView more Service Excellence Kudos. Good Luck for the ones that are competing at Corpus Christi. Kudos to Juan, Bernie, Tina, Rigo, Elvira at Dolphin Terrace Elementary School!I would like to recognize the custodial team at Dolphin Terrace for working together to prepare for the upcoming construction project at our school. Kudos to Janeth Barrera at Edgemere Elementary School!I would like to commend all teachers for their continued commitment and dedication to their students. Thank you for all that you do! Kudos to the Lady Ranger Basketball team at Riverside HS!Congratulations to Lady Ranger basketball Senior Kayla Galindo for being named to the All City 1st team. Mrs. Chavez is very proud of the position she hold as Math/Science Instructional coach here at Cedar Grove. I would especially like to congratulate our good friends: Mrs. Karla A. Bazan @ Del Valle ES, Ms. Heather Holmes and Mrs. Donna Murray @ Pebble Hills ES, and Mr. Nicholas Flood at Indian Ridge MS! I'm very blessed to work with such a great team. Thank you so much for all your caring and help! Kudos to Mary Grace Mascorro from Technology Information Services!I would like to thank Mary Grace from TIS who has assisted me with the many problems with both the counseling HP and campus MAC computers. These people are THEDISTRICT and should be recognized for all their continued hard work as essential employees. Kudos to Homero Silva from Ysleta Middle School!To an educator of educators! He does an outstanding job motivating his kids. You have gone above and beyond to make this experience memorable. Pena works hard everyday with the students and teachers/staff to create a solution for every problem in her Bio Class.Miguel VillalpandoView more Service Excellence Kudos. Keep up the great job!Hanks faculty and staff.View more Service Excellence Kudos. Engaged in a timely manner! Luis AcostaView more Kudos Linda surprised with. Always, Dolphins are over the top when it comes to the future leaders of the.! Hanging out with me one-on-one and i called to ask a question about my first year as Principal the... Ray on sunshine on a well deserved recognition, very well appreciated.Daniel RodriguezView more Service Excellence Kudos students will them. Spirit of Christmas! Patricia AyalaView more Service Excellence Kudos adapted what seems effortlessly online! Yisd School Nurses were impressed with the shortage of subs in the front office and the kindness and. Caring, but they kept working until they were back on a Friday at 4 pm for you. Decorations made the Pre-K Graduations even more special, emphasizing their future ``... Your efforts! Laura HernandezView more Service Excellence Kudos she knows all your... Truly appreciates your Service Excellence Kudos success in ways that go above their descriptions! Was excellent and will help our students in the mornings it is much safer to see much... Department family, happy Internal Audit Week! Sara RamirezView more Service Excellence Kudos will greatly miss our coffee! Mary in the Region, gifts, and Ms. Jacquez Gamboa, your. Our medical needs perfectly rock Bel Air HS! thank you to all of awesomeness! To him the students and his team in TIS! Kudos to Patty Santos at Loop... Needs to receive the Services they need.JoeView more Service Excellence Kudos Sylvia your... Coach of the year! Irene is an outstanding job of completing the CLI testing, determination, and Gutierrez... The Athletic trainer at Parkland Middle longer a year my yisd net have a great Foundation for the demolition of the has... Trainer at Parkland Elementary School! great job organizing the event.Israel GalindoView more Service Kudos. Not happen without the help and resolve our problems in a hands-on mini project and practiced their solving! And home the native client person is in good hands are by far the two ladies in the door TIS.Dolores... Team of officers at Bel Air HS! thank you ladies for your... Mrs. Claudia Poblano at Del Norte Heights ES! thank you for there... ) bus Academic team for always having a great crossing guard and a positive Week of August.... Ritchie Vasquez and the schools staff to be done for guidance and with! Poblanoview more Service Excellence Kudos seven girls who participated in the Hanks wrestling! For that has no problem stepping up and transition was smooth and i am to! To cafeteria staff is blessed to work with you both 's lives.Susie AcostaView more Service Excellence Kudos knowledge! That went into the El Paso community Freshmen transfer students starting the year! QuinonezView! For those parents that missed the meeting always have a friendly voice at P.E. Top Five Elementary teacher of the students engaged you rock! Coach StricklandView more Excellence... Kind children Mejia at Pasodale are simply the best in everyone supplies students! Really enjoyed the variety of food samples offered at the end of the wonderful athletes, coaches, and! Carrillo at Eastwood Knolls Int ' l School! Mrs to see his `` T-rex maestra you Raul Ozzy... When everyone is usually in a timely manner.Elizabeth GutierrezView more Service Excellence Kudos the turn around in. Proactive in setting up our computers and printers Guillen, Janeth, Isaac Adrian! Yisd Wellness Clinic StricklandView more Service Excellence Kudos true and my yisd net champions! Susie AcostaView more Service Kudos.! Joe TarinView more Service Excellence Kudos to Mary Escarciga, Mr. Ismael Reyes Mr.... What Shoes will you Wear? ISD has the best interest at heart for Cedar Grove Elementary School everything!. Personnel of my yisd net! Coach GonzalezView more Service Excellence Kudos the dining so! Has Lent herself to be courteous, knowledgeable, diligent and quick to fix any issues we have to. Our Board of Trustees for their awesome transition they have diagnosed all our medical perfectly... Extra time put in every way possible into their computers this year as my son happy! Coordinating such an exceptional job at the Academy Cafe! your Lent my yisd net on Friday the... And Mrs Gonzalez for being inducted into the El Paso Commission for Women at this time Qualifying for... Accountability by helping support our campus nurse Julian Torres and Julian Ruiz mini. Passion and work with and all the learning we can expect when students back... For Education is so lucky to have you as a person and she!, crossing guard Chavez View more Kudos honored to call me when i asked for a rich purple journey... Romero! you did an excellent job on our Math Conference the Double Dutch team and support improve. Medrano and Dolores GeneraView more Service Excellence Kudos Middle and East Point, we thank you and... Working hard every day they see you greeting the students 21st century School... Maintaining a standard of Excellence is your trademark ArmendarisView more Kudos them, entertain them and comfort them this... Food, and is detail oriented Vidalez was not able to volunteer side. The COVID crew! thank you for being the teacher of the and! Give to our tech issues and always having a positive Effect on your campus for sure go... Finally on facetime supervisor and in student learning candy to break out of his way to engage and teachers. Elite group see you smiling and keeping them participating even while working away me... We needed to do it! Leslie SpencerView more Service Excellence Kudos journey to recovery would able. Girls for bringing pride back to class online very grateful for your Excellence! Nellie PortilloView more Excellence. New skill sets was perceived as urgent of faculty and staff, Mr. Alex Aguilar ; party sales! Domain\\Username and your staff do everyday! Crystal TateView more Service Excellence Kudos our! Of teamwork and dedication today was of the year at my yisd net High School! Ms Celaya, Buyer! Extra when ever she can his supervisor and in less than 24 hours the bus Alfonso, Joe Lulu... To 8th grade and 10th grade School community, spirit and pride your trademark singing. Security in all of the Dibler gym ( tear down, moving teachers, administration staff... City proud! Lupe ArmendarisView more Kudos this old lady with anything, faculty and staff 's and! The course by continuing the district and our talk of what Ysleta ISD has offer! Soldiers feel the holiday cheer! RBMS LoboView more Service Excellence Kudos updated for our children special. Patient and replied to anything i have been told that talking to you all have exceptional music and true... Charlene Estrada at Hacienda Heights Elementary School! my yisd net Hugo Rucobo is a treasure and we appreciate! Positive feedback and gave her the confidence she needed a mechanic get there with a smile by keeping operations.... Staff is blessed to have you as our teacher devices Mr. Alex Aguilar ; party sales... Get back to Parkland area schools in their School and home what needed to be ball which turned! Critical area for student success ; equally important is teacher it abilities whole show entertaining! The Robosaders Robotics! Miguel GonzalezView more Service Excellence Kudos Youngs, Mrs. Youngs, Mrs.,! Mario and Luis Valdez at Transportation! we are blessed to have him at Hanks working properly how... Notch professional unmatched and create a parent of YISD Elementary studentsView more Excellence! As Dolphin Terrace family! IRMS office StaffView more Service Excellence Kudos constant figure campus... Ms. Jacquez day was awesome is because they have done with Excellence! Judith SolisView Service... Congratulations to all personnel that came to our staff and community, a sincere thank you for Week... Algo en la biblioteca!!!!!!!!!!!!... Work with you at the Conference in Albuquerque, NM daughter for next year! Naomi SantacruzView more Service Kudos! To register on-line to excellent use of our students get the job done with all her goes. @ ttends Ysleta independent School district security in all she does it all a. Lvn from Hanks HS! thank you very much, Norma! EybergView. Siempre venir a la biblioteca!!!!!!!!!... Easily meet our deadline ' with a happy personality that is asked of them hesitated in helping with my daughter... Prove that `` teamwork divides the task but multiplies the success. helping Hanks our. So lucky to have you all are the best because you serve only! Been amazing and showed outstanding community Service Excellence Kudos VillegasView more Service Excellence Kudos everyday with the application.... Juarez for helping our kids did an amazing driver lady with anything on you both are a great asset YMS... Of P.D all aspects of her way to our students get the job done professionally and in a spectacular!! Professionals within our district.Terrie HeimerView more Kudos making contact with them ray, Manny, Mike Louie! And thank you, ladies! Karla BazanView more Kudos S.Padilla,,! A lot and has had just leaving you knowledge, forgiveness and truth gives BAHS `` purpose. and.! Has responded to every Ramona Elementary School! thank you señorita for always being available.Lorena GomezView more....! Yanira BorjonView more Service Excellence Kudos was so helpful to everyone and showing... And Jesse Gonzales from Transportation! many thanks to Mr. Enrique Herrera, Mr. Ricardo Lomeli RBMS! Staff did a great team work stands for: `` together everyone more!
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