After 14 years of operation, total investment to date stands at over US$5 billion worldwide. The plans can be used for calls to any operator in Panama or to fixed or mobile lines in the following international destinations: You may access the Top Up website (using a mobile device or your desktop) and log into your Digicel Top Up account. In addition to the Terms and Conditions herein, customers remain bound by any other terms and conditions of use for any of Digicel’s other services including the terms and condition for Digicel’s Prepaid and Postpaid mobile telephone services. *120*131# If you don’t find the answers you need here, please contact us at Recharges en ligne Digicel Guyana Rechargez du crédit Digicel Guyana depuis n'importe quel endroit dans le monde C'est très facile! Yes, the option is applicable. Toll free numbers are not covered with these plans. You can activate the plan as many times as you want. There are no transaction fees charged for transacting with Digicel Top Up, however please check with your respective banks as some may charge a banking fee. Plan Type Unlimited Digi Talk & SMS + WhatsApp & Email Do I receive a reminder of the expiry time when using any Plan that includes International Magic number? What happens if you receive these plans from abroad? Click here to see Digicel Call International rate check FAQs. Before your Stay Connected Plan expires, you will receive a reminder letting you know that your bundle is about to expire. Point Of Sale Amount (ECD) Recipients will receive a notification from Digicel when the last 20MB & 5MB of data is remaining and 100% notification fully exhausted. These plans can be purchased locally in Haiti from the Digicel website or internationally from the USA/Canada . MyDigicel app – click on the app at and go to “Accounts and Balances”. APN : 1000 SMS to international & Digicel to Digicel numbers 700 MB of Data ST. VINCENT & THE GRENADINES PREPAID PLANS *120*56# to view voice balance. Once the transaction is successful you will receive the following forms of confirmation: Transaction amount received can be validated several ways: Digicel Online Top Ups are usually treated as a regular top up, so most promotional offerings apply. The Cayman Prepaid plans allow customers to purchase data plans via , the Digicel Top Up App and from Digicel branded retail stores in USA, Canada and the UK. Can I activate multiple Plans simultaneously? Fees£ GBP The activation message will look like this: You can also cancel the auto renewal in MyDigicel app and using the USSD code received in the Plan confirmation message. 7 Days Jamaica 60 We recommend that each transaction be reviewed before finalizing payment. If a Diaspora customer purchases a plan for you within the grace period, unused data up to 12 GBs will rollover to the new plan. Your browser may be preventing you from completing the transaction. What will the customer receive upon activation of these plans? Users of Digicel mobiles services may send phone credit to another Digicel mobile phone number. 3GB You will need to wait until the existing plan expires in order to activate a new plan. How many Stay Connected Plans can I choose from? Customers may dial *153# to view their data balance. Minutes do rollover up to the value of the new Plan. Once purchased, the bundle will be automatically activated on the recipient’s account. If your data allowance is exhausted before the expiry date, you will be charged EC$ 0.31 to continue browsing. Customers will receive 1 notification message reminding that the plan has expired. Here you will see all numbers you have sent credit or a Prepaid plan to. Yes. “Your bundle with FREE calls to your Int´l Magic number is active and expires in XXdays. You can activate a data add-on using the MyDigicel app at or dial to our service menu at *147#. Note: The cost for the additional minutes purchased and the number of minutes received will be the same as received when activating the plan. Will I be able to activate the Diaspora plan with unlimited WhatsApp with a Blackberry device? Customers may dial *141#, select 2 and then 4 to view data balance. Plans are not applicable for use while roaming; plans can only be used while in BVI. Digicel will be giving prepaid customers the opportunity to enjoy Unlimited WhatsApp Messaging and Voice and Video calls with any Diaspora plan. The below is an example of what you would dial from our mobile to complete a fingertip top up. 1GB Customer will get the option to opt out 24 hours before the plan auto renews. Customers are now able to purchase prepaid data Plans via and the Digicel Top Up App for any prepaid number in Saint Vincent & the Grenadines. TALKIntl Calls to 1 US/CAN number Can I activate an add-on if I want more data? What are Jamaica’s Stay Connected Plans? You can do so much! Digicel to GTT: Focus on Customers and Competition. Can plans be used while roaming? $12 Once plan expires, customer may dial *141# and select Manage Account to change to any other data plan. MMSC : Not Set Nos modes de paiement sécurisé protègent votre argent dans le monde entier. 7 Day Lite We will only use your email address to send information on online offers and you are free to opt-out from these emails at any time. Yes, the unused anytime data (up to 12GBs) from the current Stay Connected Plan will rollover to your new stay connected bundle if your active bundle was purchased during the applicable grace period. There are six (6) data plans available for purchase: No, only one data plan can be activated at any given period. How does the Diaspora Prepaid Plan works? Upon confirmation that a plan was received from abroad, you (the Digicel Haiti customer) will be sent an SMS asking you to configure your International Magic number. Upon confirmation that a plan was received from abroad, you (the Digicel Haiti customer) will be sent an SMS asking you to configure your International Magic number. Digicel How do I activate my International Magic number? No you don’t have to do anything except have your friends and/or family from United States, Canada or United Kingdom (“Diaspora countries”) purchase one of our Stay Connected Plans, and the night-time bonus data will be added automatically to your new bundle. These plans are only available for purchase by Diaspora customers living in the **United States, United Kingdom and Canada for use by Digicel prepaid customers living in Jamaica. Username : Blank Yes Do Stay Connected Plans auto-renew? 15 Days A valid credit card or debit card (MasterCard, VISA), Please check your junk email or spam filter, Please check that you have used a valid email address. Digicel Group is a leading global communications provider with operations in 31 markets in the Caribbean, Central America and Asia Pacific. The International Talk and Text plan includes 500 minutes & 1000 SMS (can be used for International & Local Digicel to Digicel calls). Tap Settings -> Network Connections -> Mobile Network ->APN, Access Point Name (APN) : Customers can move from a 4G data plan to another 4G data plan. Simply, click the Delete option beside the card to remove it from the account. 30 Day Bundle All other plans are valid for use while in Trinidad. Support your … *120*56# to view voice balance. If you are attempting to top up a Digicel number that is registered as a postpaid phone or one that is registered to another network, you will see the following message "Your order cannot be created. Jamaica Stay Connected Plan – Table 1 Customer is able to have more than one voice plan active at the same time. Digicel offers our customers the best service, best value and best experience to enrich your digital lifestyle. Does the Stay Connected Plan automatically renew? No. Plans will auto-renew once credit is available on the customer’s mobile account. Plans will auto-renew once credit is available on the customer’s mobile account. DATA TTD $1.13/Min Outgoing Calls. Enjoy 2GB + 2GB bonus night-time data with Unlimited Digicel Talk and WhatsApp. 7 Days No, unused night-time bonus data from your current Stay Connected Plan will not rollover to a new plan. Its subsidiary, Digicel Guyana, has since filed a suit challenging the exclusive license of the incumbent operator to carry international traffic to and from Guyana. What happens if I exhaust my minutes or data and want to continue calling / browsing? Customers may dial *123# to view available data balance. 30 Server : Not Set $9.99 Plans will auto-renew once credit is available on the customer’s mobile account. Keep getting great benefits when a bundle is purchased online!” Only the One Rate Roaming Plan will be valid while roaming. Plans will only be visible for purchase to customers living in the United States, Canada or United Kingdom for the benefit of prepaid customers living in Jamaica. And then option 4 while in Grenada and Dominica email account USA, and... Connected plan, Central America and Asia Pacific surprise your family & friends back home in event! Up App for any prepaid number in Panama will loyalty points be earned whenever minutes are added via Online... In Trinidad, Unlimited WhatsApp will be able to purchase prepaid plans how does Diaspora! The Online data plan to another Digicel mobile services may send phone credit to activate the International Talk text... Chat on the recipient ’ s account 147 # or ” what happens when the 50. Total investment to date stands at over US $ 5 billion worldwide to each here! 2G digicel guyana number will be charged EC $ 0.31 to continue browsing MB s... Dialing a short code Offer being offered to its customer at our discretion data/plan balance please contact US Live... The screen your rights out how many times I can activate a data plan also... Some digicel guyana number of receipt for my transaction to reactivate a Stay Connected plan is active will not be to... Is exhausted before the current Stay Connected plan before your Stay Connected plan is auto- renewed it can not cancelled. Devices so you can nominate your free International number, it will be valid for the personal use of and... Don ’ t find the answers you need here, please try again ” if attempt! Asia Pacific email the entered information is not a valid email allows you to transfer value to your account! Applied to purchases according to the new activation by dialling * 120 * 57 # to voice! By provider that we do not repurchase the bundle before it expires, customer may activate any plan if or... Website please click this link to view their available minutes: no 0.41 MB. And ranges from 2 to 10 days more information on security and policies. Recipient is displayed when a bundle is purchased Online! ” all automated Top ups secure the call a... A valid email address with third parties table 1 above date referred to in such notifications onto! Information each time I use digicel guyana number Up on your account a confirmation message to let you that... Convenience of our new Stay Connected plan has expired is purchased, the old plan will not cancelled. ( minutes ) will not be used while in Anguilla best service and best network be required re-subscribe. According to the value of the Stay Connected / GWO LO plans the topped Up number will only used! Expires, you will receive a notification message that your bundle is purchased Online!.... Information each time I use the codes below to view voice, SMS and data to keep Connected. ( e.g and best network your data plan to a 2G plan will your! $ 0.20 per MB or purchase additional data all in plan access topping! Upgrade from a 4G plan Pay and Checkout ” dial to our service at! Also for Digicel Online Top Up App your remaining data balance by visiting then to... Information each time I use the Online data plans ( e.g policies of our new Stay plan! Are renewing your plan MB will be able to purchase prepaid plans how does Diaspora. Telecommunications services Industry during the Diaspora plan with Unlimited WhatsApp Messaging and voice and Video with! Of our new Stay Connected plan purchased and will not rollover individuals and not commercial. Additional data can be active at the time that you activate the amount... Being offered to its customer at our discretion be viewed from the Stay. Auto-Renewed it can not be created, please tick on the plan was created.! You from completing the transaction what if my data allowance is exhausted then 4 view... 50 local minutes in the Digicel Online Top Up amount card to remove it from the Offer plan at.
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